It’s Been an Amazing Journey…    


In November 2003 a most fascinating phenomenon graced my pictures, and my life. Orbs started to appear in my photos. It was the beginning of a remarkable journey. I had never heard of such a thing and was completely intrigued, not to mention a bit uneasy at first. Now there is only joy. It's been a lot of fun. Since that momentous day, my entire perspective on life has changed. My life has changed. None of us is ever alone, even though at times it might feel that way.

I invite you to join me on this extraordinary orb quest. The changes in my life since the orb phenomenon came into it are remarkable. I have a new inner peace and sense of knowing. When life gets tough it has become easier to keep a balanced perspective by simply remembering—remembering there is so much more. This life and the challenges we face are but a brief opportunity for learning, a moment in time, in our soul's eternal journey. The orbs that appear in my photos, and yours, signify far more than just being fascinating to look at. They truly do remind us of how much more lies ahead beyond this plane of existence. I hope you enjoy my personal story and photos, and may this be the starting point of your journey amidst the beautiful, multidimensional world of orbs.

Many blessings,





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